What a timea time of griefa life is takenlike a thieffifteen years melt awayso quick in disbelief. He could not staymy loyal friendwe said goodbyetime now to mendto heal and restpain at an end. Endless walks, Clumber Parka ten mile tripto Hardwick Villageeven with a damaged hipdidn’t bother him at allhe’d just run and skip.Continue reading “Buddy”


The front line is fighting hardNightingales every onetending to the sicknot knowing when time’s donebraving every day the enemyuntil the day will come, when we’ll rejoiceand thank them every onethe Nightingales on the wardsin homes and all, bar nonewe’ll thank them for their valourby them the war is won. we owe them everythingthose that riskContinue reading “Nightingales”

We Fought Them on the Beaches

We fought them on the beachestheir guns did surely reach us how we destroyed them in the airstopped them bombing without a care we chased their glory on the seathere was no mind to let it flee shells and fire, sank with all its menwatery grave, not seen again finally, victory is mine and yourstheContinue reading “We Fought Them on the Beaches”