EBE Brother Stephen; no not a monkknown to friends and kin as Ebea working man playing the gameof life and joy, and all its dreams. Just to work, and drink, and enjoythrough its many toils and strifesometimes can be a weary taskas one travels the path of life. A night out with many good matesnotContinue reading “Ebe”


MAGGIE How shall we servethe working class?Put them in placelet’s kick their ass. They cry out for wagessay, what they deserve ask for the main mealgive them hors d’oeuvres. A hole in the groundor concrete and bricksa warehouse or factory turning out tricks. They’ll work them alland take all the licks. they’ll assemble our world.withContinue reading “Maggie”


Coffin carried to strained alarmthe pipers song fills the isleswith sweet lament and sombre moodunder all the tears, loving smiles. Many years since Tommy bade farewellto Glasgow, his childhood homefor a green and pleasant landEngland, to explore and roam. Tommy left his homelandbut it never left his mindwhisky, Celtic, and all thatthe Scotsman never leftContinue reading “Tommy”

A Tortured Soul

A tortured soul he died of his fear family and friends loved him held him so dear but sometimes seemed distant when he was so near. The life and soul made everyone laugh joking at parties his favourite gaff but his tormented self chose the wrong path. To teenager from child where to or fromContinue reading “A Tortured Soul”

A Poem of Poetry

I put down words of thoughtto write poetry in rhymesometimes tender, sometimes boldsome may take a little timebut a feeling from withinis from no heart but mine. The form of love stirs the mindromance has its place on highirony take on its silent punchwe read and ponder whythe truth and its poignant graspto make theContinue reading “A Poem of Poetry”

The Extinct Animal

Strolling through the jungle I met a lamb in ragged clothes he told me of injustice he had a bloody nose he sees it all around wherever his journey goes. I turned a darkened corner and met a tiger selling spice have a little try, he said it really is quite nice but he wasContinue reading “The Extinct Animal”

Mr Teflon Man

Society in the dump but no need to hide they’ll swallow all his talk why stay inside he walks with head aloft while so full of pride. I’m indestructible, I’m feared watch me for much longer it’s party time once more see me do the conga if you stop all the moaning I’ll sing youContinue reading “Mr Teflon Man”


Goodbye our dear mamour tears do flow like rainyou seem so far awayand yet so near the samefarewell our dear mamuntil we meet again. The body an empty shella mother steps into the lightdad, family past, and friendswaiting for the uniteno more the devil’s curse…of death having to fight. To suffer the mostour hearts rippedContinue reading “MAM”