Love poem

I love you on a summer’s dayoh how your blood shot eyes shine sothey melt my heart so tenderlyreminding me of piss holes in the snow. The way it flows in the windyour long brown hair, it is absurdcatching the light so tenderlyit shines just like a polished turd. On a brightly lit starry nightyourContinue reading “Love poem”

Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary Sun was shining bright on that summer’s daycruising along, wind in our hairjust you and I and an open topSo young and free, without a care. Soon came the day, those wedding bellsthat time when we declared ‘I do’the old ways were left behinda journey began to somewhere new. The followingContinue reading “Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary”

The View From Here

Looking down along the garden patha smell of fresh cut grass lingers,tagetes line up like toy soldierswatching you brush your hair with tiny fingers. White doves land with fluttering wingsfrequenting the lofty cote in blazing heatI see you walk along the crazy path,I hear the patter of your graceful feet. To our love seat youContinue reading “The View From Here”