EBE Brother Stephen; no not a monkknown to friends and kin as Ebea working man playing the gameof life and joy, and all its dreams. Just to work, and drink, and enjoythrough its many toils and strifesometimes can be a weary taskas one travels the path of life. A night out with many good matesnotContinue reading “Ebe”


Goodbye our dear mamour tears do flow like rainyou seem so far awayand yet so near the samefarewell our dear mamuntil we meet again. The body an empty shella mother steps into the lightdad, family past, and friendswaiting for the uniteno more the devil’s curse…of death having to fight. To suffer the mostour hearts rippedContinue reading “MAM”


You lived a life hard and fast           didn’t slow down to take a breath           but knew it couldn’t last           suffered a fate worse than death. .           No escape from routine torment           just trapped in endless time           suddenly, you were set free           by fates twisted rhyme, .           toContinue reading “Troy”


A door has opened and you passed through  to a place free from pain and suffering  a place of peace and joy  a place with old acquaintances. We cannot follow because it is not our turn, we have to wait, but a lifetime isn’t very long. The second lifetime lasts for all eternity, enjoy yourContinue reading “A.J.”