The ten lost tribes of Israel

The ten lost tribes of Israel This story goes back to the times when the Israelites were taken into captivity by Assyria in 721 BC. This relates to the 10 northern tribes who settled in Halah and Habor (2 Kings 17:6). Note: all bible quotes are from the kjv unless otherwise stated. The Twelve TribesContinue reading “The ten lost tribes of Israel”

Nuclear War in the Bible

The scriptures give reference of a nuclear war several times. The quotes in this blog are taken from the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible. Some bible passages can tax your brain trying to understand them. But after years of reading and studying them they become clearer. What is not so clear isContinue reading “Nuclear War in the Bible”

The History and Persecution of the Jews

Introduction I believe if you want to know the truth go to the earliest source. Not the info of some latter-day professor who has to feed his ego. Not the Darwinian who wants to change history. The books of the old testament are some of the oldest historic writings available. They tell the story ofContinue reading “The History and Persecution of the Jews”

Europe and bible prophesy

The European Union The bible describes a latter-day Europe as a joining of nations formed together to make up a 10-nation union of power, a ten-nation confederacy. Let’s first look at a brief history of the EU The union was created in 1945, for the purpose of putting an end to war in Europe, afterContinue reading “Europe and bible prophesy”