Gargoyles Gargoyles are architectural structures in the form of carved statues. Usually made of stone, protruding from buildings and monuments of historical interest. Built with a channel of some type formed into them. Tis is along the top and through the head to divert rain water from the building. Thus protecting the mortar joints andContinue reading “Gargoyles”

The Secret of Rennes-Le-Château

Rennes the Village Rennes-Le-Château lies near the foot of the Pyrenean mountains in Southern France. It is a small village with a sparse population. At the heart of this community is a church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. This is the church that stands on the site today and built round about the eleventh century.Continue reading “The Secret of Rennes-Le-Château”

The Crossroads to Hell

ROBERT JOHNSON Robert Johnson was a blues musician from the 1930s who it was said made a deal with the devil to enhance his musical talent. As the story goes, he played blues guitar around the clubs and bars of the Mississippi Delta area where he lived as a young boy. In the early partContinue reading “The Crossroads to Hell”

The Mysterious Helix Staircase

The Helix Staircase of the Loretto Chapel The Loretto Chapel is a small, French Gothic style church that was built in the 1870s in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the United States of America. It’s a beautiful chapel on the outside and the inside and has been kept in good repair. It was a RomanContinue reading “The Mysterious Helix Staircase”

Boleskine house

A place of ritualistic black magic performed by one of the evilest players in the game. BOLESKINE HOUSE. Boleskine House is a mansion that lies on the banks of Loch Ness. It’s a ruin now since it suffered a severe fire. IT happened in December of 2015 causing near-total destruction. All that survived was partContinue reading “Boleskine house”