The young boy grew up, wanting much more
burning inside was a decadent fire
he did what he liked and liked what he did
but it wasn’t enough, wanted much higher.

The devil knew this, he offered a deal
I’ll fill your desires to exceed your goal
till your heart’s content, fun, take what you want
but a levy I’ll need, my price is your soul.

How long do I get to taste all life’s dreams?
will you grant me till I’m thirty years old?
the devil he grinned then laughed out so loud
such a large price for a fool to be sold.

Youth and the devil shook hands, the deal was struck
you go on your way, you go and have fun
the man strolled along with great joy and glee
he held his head high, thought life had begun.

The years quickly went, the man had indulged
he took all the pleasures the devil laid out
sat in his dim room with drink in his hand
thirty years, it’s midnight, the clock shouted out

A shadow appeared; a figure so black
a demon approached, I’ve come for your soul
the devil has sent me to collect his due
“please leave me alone, please let me grow old”

You made a pact, you had pleasures abound
you took all you could without much regard
the devil gave out his promise in full
a deal is a deal no matter how hard.

The man fell down on his knees and prayed fast
a frightened boy, his pride all in tatters
please take me away from this journey to hell
oh Lord save my soul, what really matters.

At that point, a bright light, an angel stood
Begone you demon of old, your powers are weak
I come in the devil’s name, the demon said
the man he repents, in God’s name I speak

The devil knows his errand is futile
he has been cheated, a wound to his mark
no torment to please, no suffer of soul
the demon backed off, formed into the dark.

All of the angels in heaven cry out
a chorus sang loud, the way has been paved
the glory of God, how brightly his light
a time to rejoice, a soul has been saved.

© D Marsden 2020


The steely knives are drawn with haste
backstabbing is a moral fate
They fall like flies upon the dung
A close colleague, a dear old mate.
The numbers are dwindling quite fast
the contest takes a speedy pace
a party of a non-unite
a learned friend smacked in the face.
They talk of things so great and bold
how this country unite will rise
but all this lying through their teeth
staring at you with hidden eyes.
Fat bonuses for heads of the banks
corporate tax cuts for the greedy
celebrations for austerity
but what is left for the needy?
Entrepreneurs in finance and trade
they brag their status off aloud
sitting on their higher horses
each one of them sinful and proud.
But what of the working classes
who warily gave them their lot?
they labour then visit food banks
cut this, cut that, till they have not.
Squabble and fight without an end
this great, so called, party unite
oh, what a terrible shamble
a bunch of fools, shower of shite.
Stabbing, stabbing, is there no end?
their minds and hearts full of fury
and yet they couldn't organise
a piss-up in a brewery.

© D Marsden 2019

Does It Matter?

Life can be such a drag
they told me I can’t have a fag
bad for your health they said
if you don’t stop, you’ll soon be dead.

But what of when my lungs do pass
all of that poisonous belated gas
and radiation in the air
and testing bombs without a care.

And what of all the crops of wheat
sprayed with chemicals that we eat
and all the processed food, that’s nice
laced with additives to taste like spice.

No more meat: cow, sheep or swine
what shall I have, it’s dinner time?
tried eating fish out from the sea
but it’s all full of mercury.

Eating fruit and veg to be bold
it’s full of pesticides I’m told
I’ll have to try another fad
what of sugar? No! That killed my dad.

I’m telling you this is no joke
I think I’ll have a crafty smoke.

© D Marsden 2016