William is a hammer man

doesn’t talk much some don’t think he can

he is kind of quiet and shy

if he speaks at all he’ll just says hi.


He likes to paint and draw

but most things are just a bore

when asleep he doesn’t bother snoring

simply because he finds it boring.


Doesn’t eat much just picks like a mite

but when he gets mad, he likes to bite

his sister sometimes makes him reel

then her arm is his favourite meal.


He can be really busy so to speak

being a beaver once a week

toasting marshmallows all gathered around

when they are done, he gobbles them down.


In the morn it’s a school day

Leave me to sleep Bill will say

When the bell rings he gets in line

he’s sat at his desk by quarter to nine


At twenty past three he’s in a good mood

can’t wait to go for his favourite food

cookie dough pie, a cake or a bun

hurry up granddad, come on let’s run.


At night he settles down eating sweets

While watching TV in his favourite seat

Later he’ll go to bed and dream

Of biscuits and cake and his favourite ice-cream.


It’s morning again, Saturday that’s great

stays in bed a little late

then gets to play with his toys

racing cars, he’s one of the boys.



You lived a life hard and fast

          didn’t slow down to take a breath

          but knew it couldn’t last

          suffered a fate worse than death.


          No escape from routine torment

          just trapped in endless time

          suddenly, you were set free

          by fates twisted rhyme,


          to enjoy life once again

          no more the dreaded pill

          life in another world

          where pain and suffering are nil.


          United with a family past

          no more to grow sick or old

          a place of lasting peace and joy

          a place where only happiness beholds.


          Your journey reached its final end

          as you entered through the door

          the darkness of the soul destroyed

          Your light will shine forever more.


The Tree

By Beryl Marsden

The wind did blow all through the night

with such a howling sound

it shook the trees until the leaves

were scattered all around.


Some trees withstood the blusterous wind

but others although they tried

could not withhold their elegant pose

and stumbled to the ground.


No more standing tall and strong

amongst the other trees

no more to feel the sun

shine upon its golden leaves.


No more to stretch its branches

out, for birds to rest upon

to build their nests and lay their eggs

and sing their morning song.


It saw out many winters

with frost and snow and rain

and in the spring the buds appeared

and leaves grew once again.


The summer fruit and leaves so green,

glistening in the sun.

But then the autumn comes again

and all the leaves are gone.


For many years it stood so tall

and now it`s sad to see

its broken trunk just lying there

no more the strong tall tree.


B Marsden 2017


Departed from this life for journey new

into the light you went without a care

guided by love to take you on your way

your son never forgot the love you share.


He came to take your hand and lead you on

to where the sun will shine for evermore

the pain and suffering you had has gone

when at his house he opened up the door.


You left behind a trail of lonely hearts

who’s lives you touched along your path of love

Peace finds its way into our souls at last

knowing you are with your loved ones above.


Arabella is a quiet little child

she often likes to dance, but then goes wild

she likes to do cartwheels across the floor

running fast, jumping, handstands and lots more.

‘ Goes to the cinema and don’t sit still

not like her well behaved, young brother Bill

she shouts and screams when mummy is on the phone

she colours in pictures, all on her own.

She makes Bill cry, scream, shout and bite

but sometimes she can be very polite

she says thank you and please most of the time

when teacher calls to her she gets in line.

She can do sums, puzzles, and read and write,

plays games and watches tv every night

sometimes she spins around to do a twirl

Arabella is a lovely little girl.


A door has opened and you passed through

 to a place free from pain and suffering

 a place of peace and joy

 a place with old acquaintances.

We cannot follow because it is not our turn,

we have to wait, but a lifetime isn’t very long.

The second lifetime lasts for all eternity,

enjoy your new life AJ……..

New Kid in Town

Its all over the streets
there`s a new kid in town
Nitrous Oxide or hippy crack
it`s making the old hippies frown
"we couldn`t have had it like this
is this the new high? what`s going down?

Come get your dreams the devil shouts
here on the shelves is the new fix
cheaper than chips at half the price
come on in and come get your kicks
why wait for life, another dream?
let your blank mind teach you new tricks.

The humour isnt real at all
outside the dream no-one will laugh
a brain shrinks or does it expand?
a desperate call, lifes a reel gas
a giggle here wears a false smile
is it real? How long will it last?

A public discusted, they cuss
from everyone so many frowns
the elders know better, they think
why is there so many clowns
cry out, deserve what they get
when they see coffins going down.
Walkers and joggers and cyclists
everyone wants to get fitter
complaining of society
through bottles, cartons and litter
always someone`s problem not theirs
and now its those tubes that glitter.

In towns and cities and rural
gutters, hedgerows, verges awash
the green and pleasant land of home
decorated with all this mosh
no resources to tidy up
they think, such a waste of dosh.

It wasnt hard to take away jobs
but what of the anguish and pain?
no hope, no life, no future to see
whats going through the kids` brain
a feeling of loss and despair
after all, what have they to gain?

Make sure youre fast next time youre out
or better still why not wear shades
dont want youth spoiling your time
its here so just look away
its all ours, society`s mess
will be swept up, just not today.
Taken away, their goals in life
no more jobs keeping them sane
a cattle market has returned
give them low pay, heartache and pain
the dominant beast keeps them down
look beyond, the rich win again.
Dont judge by what you cant see
look all around, not on the ground
this isn`t their number one choice
in truth society has drowned
Satan took hold when hearts ran cold
and now there`s a new kid in town.

D Marsden © 2021



This world is not home
we’re all passing through
we stay just a while
all wondering what to do
some show love and kindness
such is a girl named Sue.

She mothered her kin
like a hen to her chicks
always there for them
when requiring a loving fix
burning at both ends
candles’ compassionate wicks.

She’s reached her destiny
she’s now gone home
no-one need worry
she’s never alone
many family and friends
before her have gone.

To a life everlasting
a place so grand
a place without pain
we can’t understand
a garden of Eden
she’s holding God’s hand.

When the time comes
we’ll see her again
her youthful form
a girl without pain
for now it’s our loss
forever God’s gain.

Love poem

I love you on a summer’s day
oh how your blood shot eyes shine so
they melt my heart so tenderly
reminding me of piss holes in the snow.

The way it flows in the wind
your long brown hair, it is absurd
catching the light so tenderly
it shines just like a polished turd.

On a brightly lit starry night
your smile matches the moon so mellow
the brightness beams across your face
your teeth an overwhelming tint of yellow.

You have so many traits to admire
I love the grey streaks in your hair
that lovely, wiry texture, so course
reminds me of my grand mama.

I love your red and glossy lips
so soft and are as smooth as glass
pouting out in all their splendour
reminding me of a baboons’ ass.

I asked her hand to betrothed
we’ll spend our days aloft
I bought a ring, I gave it her
she told me to sod off