The Exodus

Good people leave in hordes their troubled land
behind their homes and life built from the sand
a vengeful war is raging, death is rife
the killers have no care for human life.

A place that once belonged to family fare
husband with wife, child played without a care
a gift from God for everyone to dwell
evil has turned it to a living hell.

Innocent child sees torture, rape and more
beheaded man, blood, flesh and gore
it’s etched into their minds, seen night and day
when they should have it in their hearts to play.

But not for them, the joy has long since fled
they have not any home to rest their head
they trudge along through valley, field and road
most of them laden down with heavy load.

Sick and old, man and woman, girl and boy
babies being carried, no glint of joy
heavy burdens hauled to who knows where
No sign of hope just gloom and vacant stare.

One by one borders closing every day
the refugees arrive but turned away
left alone a spectacle to all of us
a desperate and lonely exodus.

© D Marsden 2018


Oh Well

Someone told me there is no hell
I said there is,
They just said, …oh well!

They've never seen a shanty town
and all the faces-mostly frowns
nor have they seen the poverty and despair
and their tin shacks and vacant glare.

The children have no toys or games
they don't go dancing in the rain
they've never rode on swinging chair
just sit in the blazing sun and stare.

That wretched sun it is so hot
nowhere can I find a pleasant spot
I'll be home tomorrow among the leafy trees
and sit drinking in the English summer breeze.

I'll watch the children on the park
running around and singing like the lark
I'll see my wife and kids as happy as can be
we'll sit and dine and talk, then watch tv.

I'll gaze at the stars and ponder
why is this place I do wonder?

I told someone there is a hell
and he just said… oh well!

© D Marsden 2016


The young boy grew up, wanting much more
burning inside was a decadent fire
he did what he liked and liked what he did
but it wasn’t enough, wanted much higher.

The devil knew this, he offered a deal
I’ll fill your desires to exceed your goal
till your heart’s content, fun, take what you want
but a levy I’ll need, my price is your soul.

How long do I get to taste all life’s dreams?
will you grant me till I’m thirty years old?
the devil he grinned then laughed out so loud
such a large price for a fool to be sold.

Youth and the devil shook hands, the deal was struck
you go on your way, you go and have fun
the man strolled along with great joy and glee
he held his head high, thought life had begun.

The years quickly went, the man had indulged
he took all the pleasures the devil laid out
sat in his dim room with drink in his hand
thirty years, it’s midnight, the clock shouted out

A shadow appeared; a figure so black
a demon approached, I’ve come for your soul
the devil has sent me to collect his due
“please leave me alone, please let me grow old”

You made a pact, you had pleasures abound
you took all you could without much regard
the devil gave out his promise in full
a deal is a deal no matter how hard.

The man fell down on his knees and prayed fast
a frightened boy, his pride all in tatters
please take me away from this journey to hell
oh Lord save my soul, what really matters.

At that point, a bright light, an angel stood
Begone you demon of old, your powers are weak
I come in the devil’s name, the demon said
the man he repents, in God’s name I speak

The devil knows his errand is futile
he has been cheated, a wound to his mark
no torment to please, no suffer of soul
the demon backed off, formed into the dark.

All of the angels in heaven cry out
a chorus sang loud, the way has been paved
the glory of God, how brightly his light
a time to rejoice, a soul has been saved.

© D Marsden 2020

Mr Teflon Man

Society in the dump
but no need to hide
they'll swallow all his talk
why stay inside
he walks with head aloft
while so full of pride.

I'm indestructible, I'm feared
watch me for much longer
it's party time once more
see me do the conga
if you stop all the moaning
I'll sing you a songa...

A jolly old sing-a-long
of all the mince and caviar pies
an abundance of food and drink
champagne before your eyes
but take heed my learned friends
a note to the wise.

No Chinese whispers
keep your mouths shutter
you are all in this together
or you'll be in the gutter
so keep it zipped tight
not one word must you utter.

Making merry behind closed doors
prancing in our three-pointed hats
it's a secret knees up
for myself and my fat cats
a river of booze flowing
hope those stains come out the mats?

Don't match the walls anymore
I think I'll just replace
maybe some new curtains also
shove it right in their face
the coffers are full, I'll dip in
so what, they think I'm a disgrace.

Don't they know who I am?
why shouldn't I stoop so low?
I won't be overruled
telling me where to go
this is my circus
and I'm the star of the show.

Harping on about my parties
all the corruption and greed
a fix, a real buzz I feel
it's what I always need
bring it all on I say
nourishment, it's how I feed.

We are the ruling classes
keeping the workers down
make them stay in their place
not venture near my side of town
they only know what I say
if they don't see, they can't frown

Maybe they think I'm doomed
but I'll not go down the pan
I'm the leader of this mob
and arrogant because I can
whatever I wrong, nothing will stick
for I'm Mr Teflon Man.

D Marsden 2021©


Goodbye our dear mam
our tears do flow like rain
you seem so far away
and yet so near the same
farewell our dear mam
until we meet again.

The body an empty shell
a mother steps into the light
dad, family past, and friends
waiting for the unite
no more the devil’s curse…
of death having to fight.

To suffer the most
our hearts ripped out
when will they mend?
one day…no doubt
but not very soon
a light has gone out.

Death has no sting,
as Paul the apostle said
you left behind
sad thoughts in our head
we cared for you here
now God cares for the dead.

We know you are well
and not far away
a place full of peace
is where you will stay
waiting…together again
on that wonderful day.

You gave us your love
your blessings as well
sweet memories you left
to take us from hell
our happiness will grow
for in paradise you dwell.

Don’t know if we can endure
all the heartache and pain
but when the day comes
all sadness will wane.
Goodbye our dear Mam
’til we all meet again.

D Marsden 2021 ©



The pain in my heart
I thought I was dead
before long I’m all wired up
all for a plate full of bread
you gotta lose weight
the consultant looked down and said.

The yoyo-ing started
making me spin
ten years of losing
but just couldn’t win
I’m doomed to fail
before I begin.

The plans were all fake
my mind told me lies
said I could go back
to eating pudding and pies
Then I joined Slimming World
Louise opened my eyes.

The sign said, SW this way
so I walked through the door
life was about to change
a world not seen before
I’m in a secure place
where pounds roll off on the floor.

A consultant as wise as an owl
SW was my new club
and to top it all
it’s inside a pub
the bar may be closed
but the menu has succulent grub.

I was finally home
the pounds started to shed
understanding and knowledge
now secure in my head
good friends giving support
Wonderful folk it must be said.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Love is like a violin
someone wrote it in a song,
but if the strings asunder tear
then the heart is all alone
and the world is full of hate
a place of hell for everyone.

Someone sang there is no God
no heaven above or hell below.
The truth is written in the texts
for all to see and all to know
but who will read and be so wise?
Who will love and who will grow?

Love pangs yearn in all our hearts
but when absent hate will show
its vengeful head will rise to fill
and like a virus it will sow
it reigns where love once was
the seed of vacancy will grow.

The world won’t turn for very long
not without such love to sow
we cannot see the joy or peace
that earth gave us to grow
vile words, a crown of thorns
witnessed by all who know.

If you choose a different route
if you don’t believe…Your loss
if you don’t lend yourself to love
the devil will be your boss
if you don’t believe in Christ
who’s he they nailed to the cross?

D Marsden ©2021

Another Soul is Saved

A stroll through nature’s paradise
an icy breeze in dead of night
full moon’s street lamp across the land
makes a steady stroll so bright
a sound so cold rushes by
night is broken by a fright.

The rustle of the autumn leaves
shaking like silver paper points
an eerie sound to endure
no time to repent or anoint
in flight swiftly through the woods
heart beating faster, straining joints.

A breath encroached on my neck
a groan called out to my fear
I run faster but can’t move
away from hells’ tormented pier
I taste it all, Satan’s deeds
as he whispers in my ear.

Leave me alone I call out
wheezing, gasping on the hoof
I say a prayer while in full flight
to the Mighty Lord above
deliver me from this evil
please send me down your love.

A brilliant white light appeared
a million stars on command
a hoard of angels stand their ground
numbered like the grains of sand
the devil and his advocates
lay down their defeated hand.

The Yellow and Black Polka Dot Pumpkin

Far far away on some distant dry land
coiled up like a spring in my polka skin
staring over the sea and velvet sand
a reptile in me, lying deep within
anchored silently in an eastern breeze
sitting, waiting, hoping for turn or spin.

All dumb and docile but for instinct
silently waiting, ready to announce
still but for a ripple of shiny scales
hunger driving me to an eager pounce
another day of life I could endure
if only a morsel crawled, a tiny ounce.

The hot yellow sun supports us both
the land, the sea, our home, Japan and me
waiting for the tide of opportune to turn
my hunger pangs once more set free
soon the precious light will fade away
my eyes no longer sense the prey
tomorrow I’ll hunger for one last day.


William is a hammer man

doesn’t talk much some don’t think he can

he is kind of quiet and shy

if he speaks at all he’ll just says hi.


He likes to paint and draw

but most things are just a bore

when asleep he doesn’t bother snoring

simply because he finds it boring.


Doesn’t eat much just picks like a mite

but when he gets mad, he likes to bite

his sister sometimes makes him reel

then her arm is his favourite meal.


He can be really busy so to speak

being a beaver once a week

toasting marshmallows all gathered around

when they are done, he gobbles them down.


In the morn it’s a school day

Leave me to sleep Bill will say

When the bell rings he gets in line

he’s sat at his desk by quarter to nine


At twenty past three he’s in a good mood

can’t wait to go for his favourite food

cookie dough pie, a cake or a bun

hurry up granddad, come on let’s run.


At night he settles down eating sweets

While watching TV in his favourite seat

Later he’ll go to bed and dream

Of biscuits and cake and his favourite ice-cream.


It’s morning again, Saturday that’s great

stays in bed a little late

then gets to play with his toys

racing cars, he’s one of the boys.



You lived a life hard and fast

          didn’t slow down to take a breath

          but knew it couldn’t last

          suffered a fate worse than death.


          No escape from routine torment

          just trapped in endless time

          suddenly, you were set free

          by fates twisted rhyme,


          to enjoy life once again

          no more the dreaded pill

          life in another world

          where pain and suffering are nil.


          United with a family past

          no more to grow sick or old

          a place of lasting peace and joy

          a place where only happiness beholds.


          Your journey reached its final end

          as you entered through the door

          the darkness of the soul destroyed

          Your light will shine forever more.


The Tree

By Beryl Marsden

The wind did blow all through the night

with such a howling sound

it shook the trees until the leaves

were scattered all around.


Some trees withstood the blusterous wind

but others although they tried

could not withhold their elegant pose

and stumbled to the ground.


No more standing tall and strong

amongst the other trees

no more to feel the sun

shine upon its golden leaves.


No more to stretch its branches

out, for birds to rest upon

to build their nests and lay their eggs

and sing their morning song.


It saw out many winters

with frost and snow and rain

and in the spring the buds appeared

and leaves grew once again.


The summer fruit and leaves so green,

glistening in the sun.

But then the autumn comes again

and all the leaves are gone.


For many years it stood so tall

and now it`s sad to see

its broken trunk just lying there

no more the strong tall tree.


B Marsden 2017