What is Nibiru?
Nibiru, also known as planet x is a rogue planet that comes into our orbit around every 3607 years. It takes, according to ancient civilisations’ calculations, 3607 years for it to complete one orbit of the sun. Its path is elliptical so it will come nearer to earth, and other planets, as it travels, before pulling away again. This results in a stronger magnetic pull as it approaches our earth or other planets, and therefore will cause disruption: earthquakes, tidal waves, (now called tsunamis), volcano eruptions, ect.
Remember all the scaremongering by certain groups that said the Mayans had predicted that the world will end in a great catastrophe on December the 21st 2012? Well, for one thing it didn’t happen, and another thing, the Mayans never predicted it either. The date refers to the end of their calendar not the end of the world. The date was the end of their calendar cycle of 5126 years. They believed that after this date a new cycle would begin.

Where is Nibiru?
Lots of renowned astronomers have hinted at the idea of an unknown planet orbiting far beyond the planet of Pluto and disrupting the orbits of the two giant planets of Neptune and Uranus, it’s modern day name is planet X or the 10th planet, counting our nine known planets in our solar system but not counting the sun or moon equals nine plus planet X equals ten. A report referring to planet X was published in the New York Times on June 19th 1982.
There are many stories of NASA knowing about planet X but keeping It out of the media to save wide spread panic. Well, if that’s the case then it’s not a very convincing one, how do you cover up a planet entering our orbit that is said to be many times larger than our earth. When It gets close enough many astronomers will pick It up, indeed some say they already have. There have been pictures printed on the internet from the 2012 date, when it was calculated to be the closest to earth. If the date is correct them It would have been starting to move further away from earth heading to outer orbit again.
With this in mind, if It takes 3607 years to complete one orbit of the sun then It has been heading towards earth for over a thousand years and more. The disruption to earth’s magnetic pull would have been effected for many years and will continue to be so until planet X is out of reach again.

The end of the world
2012 was supposed to be the end of the world, December 21st to be precise. Of course it never happened and why would it have? If Nibiru (planet X) is on an orbit around the sun, and has been travelling on this orbit for centuries, thousands of years even, then why would it suddenly break away and head for earth? Wouldn’t it be more understandable for it to just keep following its path of orbit? Maybe the destruction that it is said to have caused in ancient times was due to the effects of the magnetic influences it had on planet earth. Maybe this caused widespread earthquakes, tidal waves, volcano eruptions ect. Ancient civilisations would have been more isolated then and a tidal wave could possibly wipe out a whole community, tribe or civilisation.

Zecharia Sitchin and Nibiru
Who was Zecharia Sitchin? He was born in Azerbaijan on the 11th of July 1920 and died on the 9th of October 2010.
He wrote many books on ancient Sumerian and Babylonian history and of the planet Nibiru but some regarded him as delusional because of his references to extraterrestrials’ connection with the human race and his belief in ancient astronauts.
In 1976 he published a book regarding his ancient astronaut theory entitled The 12th Planet. This was the first of a series of books on the ‘alien’ theme. The title ‘The Twelfth Planet’ was so called because the Sumerians , so he believed, counted the sun, moon and Pluto as well as the other eight then known planets, making a total of eleven plus Nibiru equals twelve.
Sitching proposed that the planet Nibiru was where a race of aliens, known as the Anunnaki, came from that visited earth in ancient times. This was when Mesopotamia and Summeria were great civilisations back in history. He believed that the gods of that time were aliens and were worshipped as gods.
He spoke of Nibiru as an undiscovered planet that follows an elliptical orbit beyond Neptune and orbits every 3600 years or so. He referred to it as Nibiru or Marduk. Marduk being a Sumerian god. He stated that these extraterrestrials could be the Nephilim as spoke of in Genesis in the bible. This cannot possibly be true as it states very clearly in in the bible who the Nephilim are and their origins. More on that later.
His theory is that the Alien race (The Anunnaki) visited earth at the time the ancient Sumerians were prominent. He proposed that they were searching for gold to take back with them, needed to sustain life on Nibiru and slave labour was needed to mine it here on earth. The slave race was said to be humans that the Anunnaki had colonised and controlled.

Nibiru and the Bible
Nephilim. It is clearly stated in the bible that the Nephilim were a race of giants that came about when angels mingled and bred with humans. The resulting offspring were a breed of hybrids know as Nephilim. So we can rule out the Nephilim as coming from another planet as they were born on earth.
Noah’s flood. Another theory was that Noah’s flood of the bible was caused by Nibiru The last time it passed closely to earth. This can’t be true either as The dates don’t add up. The Mayan civilisation started in 3113 BC and according to their calculations, based on the Mayan calendar, from the date of 3113 BC to 2012 AD this adds up to 5125 years, the number of years in a cycle of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans believed that the universe moved in cycles of 5125 years.
Noah’s flood, as stated in the scriptures, was 1656 AM (Anno Mundi, the years after creation) which is around 2344 BC. If Nibiru was the closest to earth in 2012, and it comes to this point every 3607 years, then that would put the last visit at 1595 BC. This would produce a discrepancy of 749 years between that and biblical calculations of Noah’s flood.
Some people like to link catastrophes with bible prophesy and have compared Nibiru to end time events as spoken of In the book of Revelation regarding Wormwood in chapter 8 verses 10 and 11. This again is false because the wormwood of the bible hasn’t been before, there is no recollection of it passing earth, either documented in ancient history or in biblical scripture.
Revelation 8 verses 10 &11: The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from the water, because it had been made bitter.
This doesn’t sound like a planet orbiting earth but more of a description of a meteor or comet hitting the earth directly and causing destruction but not total desolation. This would be an object much smaller than earth. If a planet, such as described as Nibiru, many times larger than earth, collided with earth then it would be totally smashed and scattered about the universe. So the Wormwood in Revelation cannot be Nibiru either.

Nibiru by another name.
As we have seen Nibiru has been referred to by many names such as: The 12th Planet, The 10th Planet, Planet X, The Destroyer, Apollyon, Abaddon and many more.
Revelation chapter 9 verse 11 reads: They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.
This is taken by some as referring to Satan; the fallen angel, the destroyer, the angel of the abyss. But as yet it is open to interpretation but it doesn’t link to Nibiru.

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