The Blue Lady Ghost

She comes at night walking on stony pathlady in blue from some time distant pastno rest, tormented, trapped, in endless timehow long to stroll in dream, how long to last. Her home, nowhere in this forsaken landher time like an hourglass has long since goneshe walks at night through graves of distant deadshe knows notContinue reading “The Blue Lady Ghost”

Winter’s Walk

The crisp and frosty leaves do laylike nature’s carpet all the waythey crunch and crunch under the boottill dense wood joins and churn to mud. Beech trees shed nuts on the groundand squirrels leave the shells aroundanother sound is played by trodden foota sharp crisp, crunchy one of empty nut. We reach the shrubs alongContinue reading “Winter’s Walk”

What’s In The Woods (in the dead of night)

`Ever laid under the gleaming stars?Watched with awe on a moon-lit nightwalked through the woods in pitch darknessheard her screech, a barn owl in flight. A silent flight on spread out wingso quiet you do not hear a soundand then at once her voice is thereyou`re wide awake, hear your heart pound. Still walking onContinue reading “What’s In The Woods (in the dead of night)”