What’s In The Woods (in the dead of night)

`Ever laid under the gleaming stars?Watched with awe on a moon-lit nightwalked through the woods in pitch darknessheard her screech, a barn owl in flight. A silent flight on spread out wingso quiet you do not hear a soundand then at once her voice is thereyou`re wide awake, hear your heart pound. Still walking onContinue reading “What’s In The Woods (in the dead of night)”

The Ruling Classes

I walked into a restaurant one daylooking for a bite to eatall the folk were making merrysome dancing on their feet. Eating juicy steakslobster and fine cuisinewashed down with sparkling wineyou know what I mean. Their faces were familiar for I’d seen them on the news living in their second homes – and fancy Mews.Continue reading “The Ruling Classes”

The Ghost Of Priory Church

Clink and clank down the aisle with frown or smilerattling grates in the still dead of the nightmoving swiftly as if in a mad hasteto go nowhere just lost in endless flight. The air is filled with scent so sweet and brightno light, no sound, but smell of rose abounda fragrance visited with ghost onContinue reading “The Ghost Of Priory Church”

Politicians Of War

Politicians create a bloody warthe enemy is knocking at our doorsending soldiers to fight and spill their bloodthose that love peace and life and all that’s good. Their blood and much more will ebb awayand stain the carpet of white sand todaythe leaders make the rules to stand and fightbut they are safely home inContinue reading “Politicians Of War”

Nature’s Walk

Nature’s walk Wondering through the countrysideon a beautiful summer daya gentle breeze to cool my facewhile I daydream the time away. The songbird sings to me its versethe ducks they quack their laughing rhymethe frogs they croak repeatedlynature’s chorus always on time. A sunbeam shimmers on the laketranquillity and peace so nicestretched out as farContinue reading “Nature’s Walk”