As I Creep Down the Staircase

As I creep down the staircase
while my parents are asleep
on a cold and frosty Christmas eve
into the room I peep.

I see the shining Christmas tree
with the angel on the top
and the only sound that I can hear
is the ticking of the clock.

I wonder, is he coming?
or perhaps he’s been and gone
but then I hear a crash
also, a rustle and a bang.

And standing there in front of me
I bet you’ve guessed of course
was the very one and only
Mr Santa Clause.

Hello he said, now off to bed
your presents I will leave
but remember, do not open them
for its only Christmas eve.

Now I must go out in the snow
for my reindeers there they wait
and I have lots more places to visit
and many more presents to take.

Goodbye Santa, I shouted
as he rode off into the sky
with his reindeers all in order
and his presents stacked so high.

I looked at the presents that he had left
how happy I was that he’d been
and ran upstairs to mummy and daddy
to tell them who I’d seen.

Mummy, daddy, I shouted
Father Christmas has just been
oh, go to bed, they quietly said
you’ve just been having a dream.

They didn’t believe that I saw him
they didn’t believe that he came
but next year I’m going to wait up
and hope that he visits again.

Beryl Marsden (Gladwin) 1974 ©

Published by Dave's Poetry & Mystery...

Hi. I am a retired builder. Born in 1954. My interests are: motorcycling, cycling, woodworking, wood carving, visiting countryside, reading, writing poetry, short stories, writing mystery and of course my new interest is blogging.

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