By The Lake

I left the gravel park and hurried so
to get a seat and stare
number plates lined neatly in a row
children run without a care.

Nestled in among the trees
across the lake a chapel spire
pointing up towards the sky
but towering so much higher.

A rabbit runs across the ferns
stirred by a searching hound
in panic it darts to save its life
a dog left sniffing on the ground.

Ducks and geese glide along
like skaters with much ease
the most majestic of them all
the swan, to the eye does please.

Nature is so full of life
the smell of dew, the sound of leaves
bees buzzing all around
the feeling of a cool light breeze.

© D Marsden 2019

Published by Dave's Poetry & Mystery...

Hi. I am a retired builder. Born in 1954. My interests are: motorcycling, cycling, woodworking, wood carving, visiting countryside, reading, writing poetry, short stories, writing mystery and of course my new interest is blogging.

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