Nature’s Walk

Nature’s walk

Wondering through the countryside
on a beautiful summer day
a gentle breeze to cool my face
while I daydream the time away.
The songbird sings to me its verse
the ducks they quack their laughing rhyme
the frogs they croak repeatedly
nature's chorus always on time.
A sunbeam shimmers on the lake
tranquillity and peace so nice
stretched out as far as eye can see
like a silvery sheet of ice.
A soothing trickle down the weir
as water flows below the bridge
along its path it gathers pace
soon it approaches near the ridge.
Cascading down the bank in haste
a rush of foam a wall of drink
tranquillity broke by rushing form
can't hear or speak or even think.
Rambling along a grassy bank
just hear the noise now far away
the swallows coming out to dine
the slender reeds curtsey and sway.
Once more the water calms and sleeps
supporting ducks and geese and all
gliding along majestically in white
the swan, most beautiful of all.

© D Marsden 2019

Published by Dave's Poetry & Mystery...

Hi. I am a retired builder. Born in 1954. My interests are: motorcycling, cycling, woodworking, wood carving, visiting countryside, reading, writing poetry, short stories, writing mystery and of course my new interest is blogging.

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