A carpet of brown multi-coloured form
from leaves cascading in the heavy breeze
the trees are bare and show their crooked arms
like old men with sticks bowing without ease.

Summer berries have made their last show
abundant fruit so sweet is in decay
time for the trees to scatter nuts around
and the squirrels to cary them away.

The season’s days are getting shorter now
the silent darkness takes away the light
the fading sun is drained of loving warmth
the shorter day now quickly turns to night.

The chirpy birds no longer sing their songs
the busy courting time has long since past
some gather and then flock to warmer climes
some decide to stay for winter’s fast.

The garden hedgehogs make their winter home
before the cruel icy snow and frost
the little insects lay their tiny eggs
to make them safe before the time is lost.

Nature so sound has laid its tired head
to go to rest and sleep before the spring
when once again in joy it will awake
and once again the birds will dance and sing.

© D Marsden 2016

Published by Dave's Poetry & Mystery...

Hi. I am a retired builder. Born in 1954. My interests are: motorcycling, cycling, woodworking, wood carving, visiting countryside, reading, writing poetry, short stories, writing mystery and of course my new interest is blogging.

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